Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred on 2nd night and 3rd morning of December, 1984. Poisonous MIC gas from Union Carbide factory covered the colony of Bhopal. 3500 people died in one night inhalling poisonous fumes, but there were two families – those of Shri Sohan Lal S Khushwaha and Shri M.L. Rathore, living about one mile away from the plant who came out unscathed.

They had the presence of mind and more importantly the knowledge and implements to perform the Trayambhaka Homa in their house that night. The dhuma, the smoke coming from homa nullified the affect of poisonous gas in their house and saved them.

This brings to light the immense immediate beneficial effect of inhaling the dhuma, the smoke from the homa kept away the harmful effect of poisonous gas. In this horrific Bhopal Gas Tragedy, we have an example of the beneficial effect of the homa in most adverse conditions. In these 33 years, have we benefited from this example in combating pollution which has increased in the last 33 years.


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