World Aids Day

World Aids Day is observed worldwide on December 1st. A day to focus our attention on the dreaded disease, Aquire Immuno Deficiency Disease.

Aids Day.jpg

Anti-Retrovial Therapy

Anti-Retroviral drugs have now been able to extend lives of people affected with Aids. It is heartening to note that people with this treatment are now able to extend their normal lives by even 18 years and more.

Insurance in India

Another heartening feature in India is to note that the Department of Aids Control and the Insurance Regulatory  and Development Authority of India have released a circular for insurance companies to provide life insurance to persons whose CD4 count (a measure of sickness) is above 350 and is continuing to take Anti-Retroviral Therapy. Their survival chances are good. Such people should be given Life insurance like those having diabetes.

Stigma to Therapy

The stigma that Aids had a decade back has certainly come down. Unfortunately, the incidences of Aids has not. The treatment, therapy is still prohibited and exclusive.

World Aids Day is an occasion to bring to the fore advances and therapy, preventive and supportive care.

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