Everlasting Solution to Power Crisis

The world has a consortium of Oil rich nations today. They practically control not only the prices of oil directly but also prices of everything and politics across the world indirectly, due to their vice like grip on oil.

But as we all know, oil is a depleting resource and with depletion of oil, so will dip the influence of the oil rich nations and oil guzzling nations of the world too.

Consortium of Sun Rich Nations

Whereas countries such as India and 102 others which have been branded as rich in Solar energy, as Surya Putra Rashtra – children of the Sun, have a perennial source of Clean energy, clean power. If these 102 were to form a consortium of Sun rich nations, the changed power dynamics will throw a different light on the world.


Solar Energy – A Future Brand of India

India has the potential to lead such a consortium both in technological capability as well as in governing capacity.

Renewable Energy, Clean Energy

2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is being dedicated to cleanliness and Power across India. Plans are afoot to generate 175 GW of power in the form of Renewable energy.

This will put India as a leading solar energy nation, a Surya Shakti Rashtra.

(An extract from our book – Future From India)


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