Ambedkar Jayanthi

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar (Babasaheb), the social worker, politician and writer of Indian Constitution, was born in Bombay, April 14, 1891.

He was the head of the constituent assembly that was set up to frame the constitution for India.


Dr. Rajendra Prasad receiving the constitution from Ambedkar

The Constituent Assembly was made up of 217 members.


Constituent Assembly

Dr.Ambedkar became the 1st law minister of Independent India.

He did his Ph.d in Law from Columbia University, USA which gave him a strong foundation in International law.

He advocated many reforms, one of them being the proposal to make Sanskrit the official, connecting language of the richly diverse India, which sadly did not find way into the Constitution.



The current Indian law system is based on British ethos as it has been framed mainly from British law, which has an antiquity of 600 years.

Ethos governs us socially. Law governs us legally. When these 2 meet we have an innately law abiding society.

Traditional Indian law is over 7000 years old. Independent India is now 70 years old.

Is it time for another Ambedkar to bring in Indian ethos, now that it is 70 years since the umbilical cord with the British was cut?


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