Multimedia Talk on You Turn India by D K Hari and D K Hema Hari

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You Turn India

India is an enigma to outsiders as well as people of India. The word India evokes varied images from kings to snake charmers, from elephants to cows, from temples to IT and also poverty.

Which is the real India?

India is a land that has been plundered many times over repeatedly in waves. First wave was by invaders from the Near west, second wave was by the European colonists and the third ongoing wave is the wave of scams and corruption in India.

If there have been repeated plunders then it also implies that wealth was generated between the plunders for it to be looted again.

Records over millennia show how India consistently contributed around 30% of world trade & GDP.

The world was India centric and people from all over were seeking to come to India.

This prosperity of India did not come from plundering any other country.

What gave India the propensity to keep generating wealth?

What was the key to this wealth generation and the reasons for India’s prosperity?

The present wave of plunder is leaving India poverty stricken.

How can we use this key once again?

Can we transform India from a poverty stricken land to that of all round prosperity once again?

Can we turn India around?

This is the subject of our book and talk “You Turn India“.