A TEDx Talk on Reality Beyond Conventions By D.K.Hari and D.K.Hema Hari, Bharath Gyan


This talk brings to light, the not so commonly known scientific truth behind some of the conventional practices, beliefs, names, celebrations and vocations of the Indian people from the perspective of astronomy.

What is in a name?

Is there any reality behind the naming conventions of India?

Why do the stars and planets bear the names they do? What do their names convey?

Why are certain festivals celebrated when they are?

What do some of the legends of India actually convey?

Why do we have a name Bharata varsha for India?

The talk will showcase the principled manner in which space is organized and the cosmos is working.

The beauty with which, the ancients of India had drawn a parallel between the phenomena in the cosmos and events in their daily lives on earth, be it in social life, personal life or occupation, leaves one wondering at the design in Nature. It leaves one even more amazed at the design of the human mind, which could fathom this truth and fashion it in different forms to suit the occasion.

The facts, as they unfold, will bring to fore, the scientific temper that had existed in India in days of yore, as well as the inherent desire of our ancestors to stay connected with the cosmos. A yearning, well worth earning from them!

Good Heavens! How on earth did they fathom this?

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