World Ocean Day

The World Ocean Day was declared by the United Nations on June 8th, 2008, to honour the biggest water bodies of the ‘Blue Planet’.


Earth, The Blue Planet

Ocean, major Habitat

Oceans and Seas are the major habitat of this planet, covering most of the earth.

The Ocean

They are home to varied species of flaura and fauna.

In Indian language, an Ocean is called Mahasagar, the great water body.

Sagar is sea. Sa meaning “Good” and Grha, Ghar, ‘home’, referring to Oceans being a good home to many creatures.


Sagar is ghar, home to many creatures

The word Samudra is also used for Oceans. Sam means collection and udra means water. Samudra is the largest collection of water on Earth.

The Oceans are also the major route for international trade.


Major Shipping Sea Routes

Perils facing Ocean

The pollution of Oceans has dwindled many species of fishes and other aquatic creatures. The dumping of wastes in Oceans and Seas is the cause. Many beaches and shores are strewn with garbage. Oil pollution, caused by various offshore drilling accidents, harm marine life and ocean ecosystems.  We are also trawling away with huge nets the life of Oceans itself.


Ocean Pollution

Awareness on Ocean Protection

There are around 1600 ocean sustenance organizations under the banner of World Ocean Network that come together and organize events on this Ocean day, to raise awareness on ocean protection. Many educational programs, contests and film festivals are held to this effect.

Indian Ocean

India is surrounded by the Indian Ocean in the South, the only Ocean named after a country, the other oceans being the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic Ocean.


Indian Ocean
Img: Courtesy Wikipedia

Samudra Manthan

There is an interesting legend associated with the Ocean in Indian legends – Samudra Manthan, the churning of the Ocean.


Samudra Manthan

In the legend of Samudra Manthan, during churning, apart from Amrit, the pot of immortal nectar, many other things also came out of the Samudra.  Lakshmi, the embodiment of wealth, emerged from the Samudra, followed by kalpa vrksha, the symbolizing perennial youthfulness, Kamadhenu the fulfiller of all wishes, Hala hala, the  poison and host of other things both beneficial and detrimental.

This expresses to us, as to what we can draw from the ocean.

A Symbol of prosperity

Oceans symbolize source of prosperity and also immortality in the Indian tradition.

It is the oceans that create dissolution on earth. There is a continuous cycle of dissolution and regeneration going on in the Universe. The process of dissolution is called Pralaya, when waters-oceans or fire engulf everything.

The World Ocean Day is an opportunity to sensitize ourselves to Oceans and Seas and honour the greatest resource of this planet.


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