Anantha, the Infinite

Anantha, the symbol of the coiled serpent in the ancient Indian thought perhaps goes to form the basis for the symbol for infinity and the root for the word “infinite” too.


Anantha Sesha

Adisesha-infinity Anantha and Infinity

Anantha means infinite.

Anantha denotes the infinite number of cycles of Creation. Dissolution and Recreation once again of the Universe. The endlessness of these cycles have been brought forth through the form of a snake called Anantha Sesha, Adi Sesha.

 Adi means beginning and Anantha means no end, endless, infinite.

Why these names for this coiled snake? Is there any scientific purport to this naming?

To unravel this enigma we should go to the understanding of the root of the word Adi Sesha.

“Adi” means prior or beginning and “Sesha” means remnants.

Adi Sesha denotes the remains that were at the beginning. In an endless cycle of Creation, Dissolution and Recreation, Adi Sesha denotes the remnants of the previous creation.

Adi Sesha as a coiled serpent represents the endlessness in the cycles of creation and dissolution of the Universe through its ability to uncoil, lengthen and coil back again or withdraw.

 Narayana, is a primordial divinity, whose name means “that One who is moving in equilibrium in the waters”. Waters here denote the Cosmic waters, the form and nature of the cosmos prior to manifesting as the Universe we know.

 Narayana is depicted in literature, sculpture and all other art forms, as floating in the cosmic waters, reclined on a bed of the coiled snake called Adi Sesha, Anantha Sesha.

 Adi Sesha and Narayana in Indian thought thus are symbolic of the state of the cosmos between any 2 successive cycles of creation.

 Dr.Roger Penrose, the eminent theoretical physicist, also seems to be echoing exactly the same views in scientific terms in his statement,

Roger Penrose Dr Roger Penrose

 “The Big Bang in a certain sense is not the beginning.

The Big Final Stage may also be the initial stage when there is only radiation left

and the universe loses track of its scale.”

 The above extract is taken from our book, “Creation – Srishti Vignana”, a part of the Bharath Gyan Series.